Our Mission

A secure energy supply is no longer a conversation of the future. As a Transport System Operator, GRTgaz Deutschland takes its responsibility seriously to ensure a sustainable future for European energy. For many years, we have committed to improving the operation of our existing pipelines. As we look to the future, we continue to participate in projects that will ensure the security of energy supply for years to come.

Our past successes set the standard for ongoing plans to reduce our environmental footprint. We focus primarily on plans that reduce our methane emissions along our pipeline.


Engagement and Conviction

Controlling and reducing methane emissions generated from natural gas transport activities is not only a top priority for us, but is also our key contribution to climate protection.

At the European level, methane emissions represent 11.6% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Of this amount, the gas industry is responsible for 6% of methane emissions.

For over a decade and in collaboration with our partner, we have implemented best practices to foster top-quality technical standards that detect, reduce and eliminate gas leaks from gas transport installations and pipelines. We implement these measures in our joint venture, MEGAL.

These actions describe only a small part of our programme to contribute to climate protection. In fact, since 2022 MEGAL has been supplied with 100% green electricity and this measure has emitted 4054 T CO2 less into the atmosphere than if the electricity had been generated by conventional energy sources. It is only by setting ambitious goals, and ensuring the successful implementation of related necessary actions, that we will continue to improve our carbon footprint.


Our Means

GRTgaz Deutschland commits to manage methane emissions on our joint venture, MEGAL, by implementing a system that targets all levels of management. This system is based on evaluating goals, reviews, and actions at each level of the organisation, both internally and those of our partner.

Moreover, we commit to transparent reporting of the efficiency of our actions and adherence to our roadmap by actively contributing to the OGMP Initiative.






Our Current Ambition

Based on the measurable progress of the last years, GRTgaz Deutschland set a goal to reduce our methane emissions by 60% in the time period between 2009 and 2025.

As we approach this deadline, we enlist the expertise and innovative mindsets of the best equipment manufacturers. Together, we will optimise the development and operation of our infrastructure with a sharpened focus on minimising our emissions.

View our Gold Standard Certificate: Gold Standard GRTgaz Deutschland 2022  

Source: IMEO Report 2022, Page 77



Our involvement in the OGMP 2.0 process achieves the Gold Standard (UNEP)

In recent years we have accelerated our involvement in climate-conscious initiatives, and we receive official recognition of our efforts. For the quality of its reporting since 2021, GRTgaz Deutschland has earned the Gold Standard, the highest form of recognition to mark our progress towards stimulating this initiative. The Gold Standard recognizes companies who take measurable actions to achieve the ambitious goals associated with reducing methane emissions.









A Legacy of Innovative Methane-Reducing Projects

Our organisation has actively contributed to minimising our impact on the climate since 2025. We have demonstrated this climate consciousness by engaging in the following projects:

  • Thanks to the development of new technologies like mobile compressors and flaring, which are used by our operator, we were able to drastically und consistently reduce our emissions. We also replaced between 2017 and 2021 several valves on our stations (e.g. safety valves, venting valves).
  • In Waidhaus, we operate a steam turbine which does not emit any CO2. Since 2015 we have invested in the renovation of this machine to maintain its operation.
  • We also decided in 2016 to build three new compressors in Rimpar to replace the older one. This project is close to the end and will offer more compression power with less emissions.


Ongoing Projects

As part of this long-term initiative, we engage in various projects to herald the reduction of methane emissions in our industry:

  • Development of an innovative solution for compressor sealing. As compressors are the highest emitters of methane into our network, we developed this solution. Our aim is to implement the solution on all of our compressors.
  • Comply with the upcoming regulation by performing regular on-site measurements to identify and repair the leaks
  • Minimise venting by using mobile compressors, flaring and replacement of valves

From our engagement in these projects, we have noticed encouraging results that will contribute to us reaching our goals.


Our Results

Our commitment to emissions reduction, combined with the actions we have taken and continue to implement, have demonstrated concrete results in the past few years. We will continue to see progress as we come closer to 2025 and continue our reduction of methane emissions.

Though the current goal leads to 2025, we continue to explore and experiment with new opportunities for energy efficiency. View our Innovation page to stay informed on new and upcoming projects that improve our climate impact.