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Notice on the Publication of the Additional Capacity (Zusatzkapazität) as Component of the TAC/max Marketable Firm Capacity

According to BNetzA decision BK7-019-037 ("KAP+"), the displayed max. marketable capacity (firm) includes additional capacity ("Zusatzkapazität") in addition to the so-called base capacity.

The additional capacity is initially only defined for the current gas year. For the following years, the additional capacity can only be specified as an indicative value and, unlike the base capacity, cannot be marketed yet.

According to Number 3 lit. b) of the agreement we are obligated to published the annual monitoring report pursuant to KAP+. You may find the report for gas economic year 21/22 here.


Our Commercial Services

At GRTgaz Deutschland, our top priority is to ensure that our customers are well-informed about our offered capacities and their availability.

Our Commercial offering includes the following services:

  • Capacity Products
  • Booking on Prisma
  • Overnomination
  • Shipper Registration
  • Customer Portal
  • Communication test
  • Tariffs



Our Gas Transmission Services

Our Transport and Dispatching Team ensures that customers receive the gas they need on time, working closely with the relevant transmission system operators and Trading Hub Europe.

We provide the following Transport services:

  • Allocation
  • Dispatching
  • Balancing & Trading Hub Europe
  • Nomination & Single-Sided Nomination
  • Interoperability