Commercial Dispatching

GRTgaz Deutschland has its own dispatching department located in Berlin. Our dispatching department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to accompany and ensure the handling of gas transmission.

In case of system disruptions, shippers will be available to offer alternative options to submit a nomination.

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Balancing Group Management

GRTgaz Deutschland is a transmission network operator within the market area cooperation Trading Hub Europe (THE). The role of the market area manager is fulfilled by THE. The shipper is required to conclude balancing group contracts with THE in order to process transmissions and to use the Virtual Trading Point of THE. THE also takes over both the allocation and balancing tasks of the balancing groups according to the provisions of GabiGas.

The balancing group manager (BGM) is responsible for the management of its balancing groups (allocation of entry points and exit points, and types).


Customer Services




GRTgaz Deutschland transmits allocation data to Trading Hub Europe in the format ALOCAT on a daily basis. Any applicable deadlines are contained in the Guideline Market Processes Balancing Group Management – Gas.

In case of discrepancies, it is possible to correct the initial allocation data.

In this case please contact without delay. Any clearing allocations are transmitted to Trading Hub Europe by M+2M-10WD(-1CD). To do so, the balancing group manager will need to request a corresponding clearing number at Trading Hub Europe and to transmit it to GRTgaz Deutschland.

The allocation rule “Allocated as nominated” applies to all our cross-market area and cross-border points.


Registration Portals

GRTgaz Deutschland makes everyday commercial tasks even more efficient through the use of two convenient customer portals:

  •  Nomination Portal (NMP)
  •  Contract Management Portal (VMS)

For more information, including links, and to use these platforms, please visit our registration page.



The term “nomination” refers to a notice on quantities to be transmitted. Nominations are strictly required for any transmissions crossing market areas as well as for cross-border transmissions. The balancing group manager (BGM) notifies GRTgaz Deutschland of the total quantity of gas per shipper code pair at each entry and exit point within the balancing group for each gas day.

The BGM is required to provide daily nominations by 2:00 pm (14:00) for the following gas day.

The BGM may change existing nominations (re-nomination).

Re-nominations starting the day before the gas day are processed according to the cycles recommended by EASEE-gas.

It is also possible to submit re-nominations during the current gas business day, which are referred to as Intra-Day-Re-nominations, on an hourly basis.

They become effective with a lead time of two hours. They take the result of the matching cycle into consideration.

Single-Sided Nomination (Bundled Nomination)

Deutschland offers a process to submit bundled nominations (Single Sided Nomination, SSN) according to the BRS (Business Requirement Specifications).

The assignment of roles among the transmission network operators at the individual interconnection points between market areas and cross-border points has been defined. The current state of roles is shown in the table below:

  VIP France-Germany
Active TSO GRTgaz
Passive TSO GRTgaz Deutschland

The shipper must always transmit the bundled nomination to the active TSO. The shipper on the side of the passive TSO must provide a corresponding authorization before.

Please find the form for authorization of a Shipper Code at GRTgaz Deutschland as passive transmission system operator here: Single Sided Nomination Authorisation Form.

Please email the completed form to our Dispatching team. We will process the authorization request within 2 working days. After review and approval we will send out a written confirmation.



The network code Interoperability and Data Exchange (NC INT) is contributing to simplifying the Europe-wide cross-border gas transmission for the network users.

In addition, efficient cooperation between network operators is promoted to encourage a simplified and harmonized gas transmission including great expectations to the interconnection agreement. In the event that provisions of an interconnection agreement concerning the following issues (Matching, Allocation, Communication in exceptional events), are to be updated, the users of the network will have a right to discuss and provide statements with regard to the intended changes.