A key role in the European gas infrastructure

As the main connector of Eastern and Western Europe, GRTgaz Deutschland manages a transport system that moves large amounts of natural gas through Southern Germany. Our network connects the gas infrastruture of Germany with that of our parent company in France as well as the networks of Czechia and Austria. As part of the German and European gas infrastructure, we play a critical role in securing a lasting gas energy supply in German and Europe. As a team, we ensure first-class services, a discrimination-free network access, and maintain close contact with our customers. 

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Our Network

1.161 km
Pipeline Length
Compressor Stations
347 MW
Total Power
359 TWh
Withdrawn Capacity (2020)


Green gas

In agreement with the Paris Climate Accords, we work together with other network operators to build a transport infrastructure for hydrogen and green gas. Through these actions, we make a significant contribution to a successful energy transition as well as the decarbonisation of the energy industry. 

We work on the technical implementation of this infrastructure and integrate the required political and legal parameters in Europe to ensure this takes place successfully. 

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Data visualisation for more transparency

Digital is what we aspire to. Our startup appygas operates and develops a data visualisation platform for the European gas market. Data for this platform is collected from over 50 sources, aggregated, and distilled into dynamic visuals and graphics for optimal analysis in near-real time. „Gas market made easy“ is the motto and the goalby which we want our work to be measured. 

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Digital Customer's Days 2021

On 18 & 19 May 2021, we will host our Digital Customer’s Days. The days will include introductory and closing group sessions, as well as one-on-ones that you may schedule with us.

We welcome the chance to connect with you and discuss big topics for this year, including capacity products, new publications, upcoming auctions, Trading Hub Europe, and more.

To receive a link to the group sessions, or to organise a one-on-one, please contact us at We look forward to welcoming you to the dialogue and engaging on an innovative and collaborative new platform.


Take the website survey

A few months ago, we launched our new website. With the new website, we wanted to highlight our commitment to being innovative, digital, and green.

We are curious to hear how your experience has been so far, and would like to invite you to take a short survey. The survey should take only 5 minutes, and will give us more insight into your use of the site, as well as help us learn where we can improve.

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