Network Development Plan

According to §15a of the Energy Industry Act the German transmission system operators (TSOs) have been annually publishing in close coordination with the Federal Network Agency (FNA) a network development plan since April 2012. Starting 2016 the network development plan will be published every two years.

The network development plan includes all effective measures for demand-orientated optimization, reinforcement and demand-orientated extension of the gas grid as well as the guarantee of the security of supply. These are all technically necessary for a secure and reliable network operation during the next ten years. In particular, the network development plan identifies an implementation plan for those network expansion projects, which must be carried out in the next three years. 

Besides this, GRTgaz Deutschland is actively involved in the European 10-Year-Network-Development-Plan (TYNDP) group of ENTSO-G.


Procedure for new capacity to be created

In accordance with Chapter V of the EU Regulation 2017/459 (NC CAM), a procedure for new capacities to be created at the interconnection points within the scope of the NC CAM begins with the end of the annual auction in every odd year. During an eight-week period, network users can submit non-binding requests for new capacity to be created to FNB Gas e.V. at Requests for new capacity to be created at VIP France-Germany shall therefore not be addressed to GRTgaz Deutschland, but to FNB-Gas. All requests for new capacity to be created are collected centrally by FNB Gas and forwarded to the FNBs concerned. 

This is followed by an evaluation of the requests in a market demand analysis. The findings are published in the demand report. If there is a need for new capacity to be created, the FNBs prepare a draft project proposal, which is consulted and later confirmed by the regulatory authority BNetzA. The new capacity to be created will be offered in the next possible annual auction and can be booked bindingly for the future. Only if the corresponding economic efficiency test for the project is positive due to the booking situation, are the capacities bindingly allocated to the person making the booking and taken into account in the network planning of the FNBs.


MEGAL Mittelbrunn: Interconnection System

The extension of the gas pressure, measuring, and control system at the Mittelbrunn site serves to transport larger-volume flows between the MEGAL and the TENP pipelines. 

The budget for the entire investment is € 37 million. 

The two new plants are scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2021. 





MEGAL Rimpar Compressor station and interconnection system

Extension of the pressure, measuring  and control system for higher feed-in capacities of gas volumes from MEGAL in the direction of Sannerz, and construction of a new compressor station to increase the transport capacities from MEGAL in the north direction for the L-H gas conversion areas. 

Three new turbines and natural  gas compressors packages will be installed, with best-in-class environmental performances. 

The budget for the total investment is € 196 million. The commissioning of the new GDRM facilities is scheduled for 2020.  

The new compressor station is expected to be ready for transport by 2023. 

New Compressor Station in Rothenstadt

Construction of a new compressor station to provide an increased capacity of the high-pressure gas transmission system for transportation from north to south and south to north. 

Three new turbines and gas compressors with a total capacity of 45 MW were installed . 

The new plants (GDRMA and VS) were taken into operation in 2018.




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