Mobile APP of GRTgaz Deutschland

Best possible customer support

Providing customers with efficient support is a top priority for GRTgaz Deutschland. This is why the company believes it has a duty to supply its customers quickly and comprehensively with the information they need to make informed choices, not least to respond in the very short reaction times demanded by within-day marketing which has been available since November 2015.  
And to help its customers even more, in July 2014 the company became the first TSO to publish an app with a permanent mobile access facility that sends customers essential data about the pipeline system which GRTgaz Deutschland operates. The new GRTgaz Deutschland app provides continuous mobile access to important data about its pipeline system, is easy and convenient to use and intuitively operable thanks to its simple handling.  
As well as the latest information about nomination and flow data, free transport capacity or European VTP prices, app users receive hourly updates advising them when  overnomination for the acquisition of interruptible within-day capacities is allowed.


The new App Version 3.0 – even more relevant information at your fingertips.

Display of available capacities

One of the significant further developments of the App is the display of free transmission capacities within the network of GRTgaz Deutschland.

Hourly updates on the activation of overnomination enabling customers to acquire interruptible WD capacities

This information is essential for customers as it is not permitted to acquire Within-Day products on an interruptible basis as long as the firm capacities have not been fully booked. From now on, the free capacities for Within-Day products are displayed on an hourly basis. In this respect, the section “Interruptible capacities“ offers optimum transparency. By clicking on this section, the user will receive an overview whether overnomination is possible (“Yes“) or not (“No“).

Optional function: automatic notification as soon as overnomination is possible

This is an exclusive service offered by GRTgaz Deutschland: as soon as overnomination for interruptible capacities is possible, push notifications are sent to inform customers individually and directly during the gas day, if desired.
Alternatively, customers may be notified of this by push mail. You may register for this service on the GRTgaz Deutschland website. This registration will also apply to Urgent Market Message (UMM). 

14-day trend of the nominations and flows at the point

The graphical representation of the absolute values facilitates an optimized monitoring of the current development of nominations at the interconnection point.