Communication test with the counterparties

Before starting the transmission, a communication test with the balancing group manager (BGM) is performed in order to check the communication channels between GRTgaz Deutschland and the BGM. The shipper is required to contact the following email address in order to perform the communication test:

GRTgaz Deutschland supports the following formats:

  • Edigas xml 4.0
  • Edigas xml 5.1
  • Edigas Edifact 3.2

GRTgaz Deutschland supports the following protocols:

  • AS2, AS4 (from 31.01.2018 AS4 will be obligatory)

Information: Implementation of new protocol AS4

In response to the network code Interoperability and Data Exchange , the European Transmission System Operators and their counterparties who communicate electronically shall use a Europe-wide harmonized protocol (AS4) and harmonized formats (Edig@s-XML) in their communication for any document-based data exchange as of 1. May 2016. After this date, the formats FTP/ISDN and SMTP which do not correspond to the security requirements pursuant to Section 22 (1) lit. a) NC INT will not be supported.