Dispatching & Allocation

GRTgaz Deutschland has its own dispatching department at the Berlin location. Our dispatching department operates 24 hours a day on 7 days of the week in order to accompany and ensure the handling of gas transmission.

In case of system breakdown shippers will be able to use alternative options to submit a nomination, for example, by fax.   


GRTgaz Deutschland transmits allocation data to NetConnect Germany in the format ALOCAT on a daily basis. Any applicable deadlines are contained in the Guideline “Market Processes Balancing Group Management – Gas”. In case of discrepancies, it is possible to correct the initial allocation data. In this case please contact allokationen@grtgaz-deutschland.de without delay. Any clearing allocations are transmitted to NetConnect Germany by M+2M-10WD(-1CD). To do so, the balancing group manager will need to request a corresponding clearing number at NetConnect Germany and to transmit it to GRTgaz Deutschland.

The allocation rule “Allocated as nominated” applies to all our cross-border points and interconnection points between market areas (OBA, Operational Balancing Account). Should you have any queries with regard to allocations, please use the following new email address: allokationen@grtgaz-deutschland.de

Balancing Group Management & NetConnect Germany

GRTgaz Deutschland is a transmission network operator within the market area cooperation NetConnect Germany (NCG). The role of the market area manager is fulfilled by NCG. The shipper is required to conclude balancing group contracts with NCG in order to process transmissions and to use the Virtual Trading Point of NCG. NCG also takes over both the allocation and balancing tasks of the balancing groups according to the provisions of GabiGas.

The balancing group manager (BKV) is responsible for the management of its balancing groups (allocation of entry points and exit points, and types).


EASEE-gas Common Business Pratice (CBP 2014-001/01) Download