TSOs published the grid development plan 2015

23.02.2015 Press Release

German gas TSOs launch consultation on their 2015 Network Development Plan

  • Investments to go up to €3.5bn by 2025
  • Plans for conversion of low CV gas networks to high CV gas supplies refined
  • TSOs identify higher demand for high CV gas in the period until 2030

Berlin, 23 February 2015. The German gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have today launched a consultation on their fourth Network Development Plan (NDP) which presents more detailed plans for the conversion of low calorific value (CV) gas networks to high CV gas supplies. According to the 17 TSOs, the 2015 NDP, which has now been published, largely confirms the projects described in the 2014 NDP. “At the same time, it provides a more detailed outlook on the situation in the high CV and low CV sectors for the period to 2030,” emphasises Inga Posch, managing director of the German TSO association Vereinigung der Fernleitungsnetzbetreiber Gas (FNB Gas).

For their analysis of the additional demand for gas of high CV quality in the period to 2025 the TSOs based their calculations on the distribution of high CV gas sources described in their scenario framework document, which was confirmed by the German national regulatory authority Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) in November last year. For the first time, they also present annual figures for the German high CV gas situation in the period to 2030. The result: if the high quality of supply in Germany is to be maintained, the transportation infrastructure for high CV gas needs to be further expanded.

The number of measures proposed now stands at 73, up by 17 on the 2014 NDP. The overall level of investment associated with these measures is expected to total €2.8bn by 2020, a figure that will rise to €3.5bn by 2025.

In publishing the new NDP, which has been the fourth since 2012, the TSOs meet their responsibility to develop the networks in a transparent manner whilst ensuring that the projects proposed are reasonable from a macroeconomic perspective. To provide a sound basis for network development, Ralph Bahke, chairman of the board of FNB Gas, calls for a stable regulatory framework which allows for a return that adequately reflects the inherent risks. Moreover, he suggests, it would be reasonable to align the German and European network planning cycles. “If we also moved to a two-year cycle for the German NDP, we could better integrate the insight gained in the course of the two planning processes,” Bahke explains. The FNB Gas association therefore expressly welcomes the recent initiative to amend the law accordingly.

Market participants are invited to submit their comments on the consultation document published on the FNB Gas homepage www.fnb-gas.de by 13 March 2015. The 2015 NDP will also be presented in detail at an all-day consultation workshop to be held by the TSOs in Berlin on 4 March 2015.


About FNB Gas:

Established in late 2012, the association of German TSOs (major supraregional and cross-border transmission system operators) has had an office in Berlin since April 2013. An essential part of its work since 2012 has been to coordinate the drawing up of network development plans for gas by TSOs. In addition, FNB Gas acts as a contact when dealing with the political community, the media and the public.

Members include bayernets GmbH, Fluxys TENP GmbH, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, Gastransport Nord GmbH, Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH, GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH, jordgas Transport GmbH, Nowega GmbH, ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH, terranets bw GmbH and Thyssengas GmbH. Among themselves they operate a grid which extends over some 40,000 km.


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