Minister Zeil officially put into operation a new machine unit at Waidhaus

30.04.2012 Press Release

The Mittel-Europäische Gasleitungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (MEGAL),  joint venture of Open Grid Europe GmbH and GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH invests in the security of energy supplies.

On April 30, the minister for economic affairs of Bavaria, Martin Zeil, has officially put into operation a new machine unit at the MEGAL compressor station at Waidhaus. The TITAN 250 gas turbine generator set having 30 000 H.P. is the latest development of the company Solar Turbines from San Diego / California and is used in Europe for the first time as a main engine for a gas pipeline compressor. The new gas turbine ranges among the most modern, most efficient and most environmentally friendly gas turbines of this performance class worldwide. Its dry low emission (DLE) combustion system ensures the currently lowest possible emission values of nitrogen oxides. The combined operation of gas and steam turbines further increases the high efficiency and environmental sustainability of the compressor station at Waidhaus.

“The modernisation of the compressor station at Waidhaus is a beacon project in terms of energy management. This is good evidence that MEGAL is meeting the challenges of the energy turnaround in a constructive and committed manner. In addition, it provides impressive evidence that MEGAL is willing to take on responsibility in Germany“, explains the minister for economic affairs, Mr Zeil.

The compressor station at Waidhaus at the German-Czech border is one of the largest European entry points for Russian natural gas. From this point, approximately 27 million households in Germany and Austria, France, the Benelux countries, Italy and Great Britain are supplied with natural gas by means of three gas pipelines. To ensure a further smooth operation in the future, MEGAL, a joint venture of Open Grid Europe GmbH and GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH, will invest ca. 120 million Euro into the modernisation of the compressor station until 2015. The new machine unit ensures that also in the future a total of 3.2 million standard cubic metres of natural gas are hourly transmitted through the station at Waidhaus.

(from left to right): Nicolas Delaporte (Managing Director of GRTgaz Deutschland), Hans Jürgen Plattner (Managing Director of MEGAL), Minister Zeil, Heinz Watzka (Managing Director of Open Grid Europe).

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