ITO Certification filed timely March 2nd 2012

04.04.2012 Press Release

On March 2nd GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH timely filed a petition for certification as an independent transmission system operator at the “Bundesnetzagentur”.

GRTgaz Deutschland started early to implement the comprehensive and complex requirements of the new and tightened unbundling regime which is predetermined by the German Energy Economy Law. With respect to this, GRTgaz Deutschland as operator of the MEGAL pipeline system became shareholder as well. Furthermore, GRTgaz Deutschland is a fully-owned subsidiary of GRTgaz S.A., a certified independent transmission system operator (ITO) in France. As a subsidiary of a certified ITO GRTgaz Deutschland secures maximal independence and autonomy as a vertical integrated company of energy supply exactly the way it is required by the German Energy Economic Law.  

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