Day-Ahead Auction Start on 1 April 2012

22.02.2012 Press Release

Press Release Day-Ahead Auction Start on 1 April 2012

Leipzig, 22 February 2012. On TRAC-X primary – the joint platform of the German Transmission System Operators – day-ahead capacity at market-area and cross-border points will be auctioned for the very first time from 1 April 2012. In particular, such unbundled and partly bundled capacities will be auctioned, that are available to the market because they were not sold in the previous month-ahead auctions, have been returned to the TSO by a shipper or are available due to renomination restrictions. By implementing these processes, TRAC-X – on behalf of the German TSOs – fulfils further requirements of the „Determination in the Matter of Capacity Management and Auction Proceedings in the Gas Sector“ (also called KARLA Gas) by the German regulator BNetzA.
The day-ahead auctions have been designed in accordance with the „primary capacity platform concept 5.0“, which is available in the download section of TRAC-X primary. Over the past weeks and months all involved parties worked hard on implementing these very complex new processes on TRAC-X primary as well as in the back-end systems of the transmission system operators. Especially, the extensive integration of the TSOs‘ various nomination and contract management systems presented a challenge for making day-ahead capacity available to the market. Due to this complexity, not all of the processes for marketing area and cross-border interconnection points will be fully available by 1 April 2012.
To find a suitable course of action the German TSOs consulted the German regulator and it was agreed upon that from 1 April 2012 mainly unbundled day-ahead capacity will be auctioned as a first step. “At some network points, there will also be bundled day-ahead auctions. In principle, it will also be possible to return capacity through TRAC-X primary, but at some network points there will be longer lead times in order to ensure that the immediate re-marketing of day-ahead capacities is processed correctly”, the German transmission system operators explained at the BDEW Network User Forum on 22 February 2012 in Berlin. As soon as the IT systems are ready, but by 1 October 2012 by the latest, all functionalities will be fully implemented. It is the joint understanding of the German TSOs and BNetzA that the high quality requirements of the transport customers and the TSOs can only
be fulfilled if the functionalities are implemented gradually. It must not only be ensured that the transport runs smoothly but also that the aims of the legal requirements are met by the implementation. The German regulator developed KARLA gas in 2011 with the aim to “make a simultaneous network access possible for a higher number of transport customers and that by restricting the renomination rights a significant increase of trading liquidity may be reached.”
In order to be able to launch all agreed upon processes as planned on 1 April 2012, the involved parties will continue to develop and test the functionalities and will continue to work full speed on interfaces and IT systems over the next few weeks.
Further information about the above particularities as well as about the affected market area and cross-border interconnection points will be available in the download section of TRAC-X primary at as well on the TSO websites shortly.
TRAC-X Transport Capacity Exchange GmbH (TRAC-X) was founded in 2005 in Leipzig and has, since that time, grown consistently to become one of the most important online market places for gas transport capacity.
In 2010, the German transport system operators appointed TRAC-X to create and operate a platform for the awarding of primary transport capacities in Germany. With the start of TRAC-X primary in August 2011, transport customers can, for the first time, use TRAC-X primary auctions to acquire capacities for market area and cross-border interconnection points. Capacities at other network points can be purchased through TRAC-X primary on a "first come, first served" basis. By offering a single market place for primary capacity, TRAC-X replaces the established online booking systems of the German TSOs.
At the same time, TRAC-X still continues to operate the trading platform for secondary transport capacity – TRAC-X secondary. By doing so, TRAC-X contributes significantly to the simplification of gas trading.
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