Fuel gas tender successfully completed

19.10.2020 Press Release

On 14 October 2020, GRTgaz Deutschland once again became a first mover by awarding supply contracts for fuel gas in the form of biogas. In total, 17,520 MWh (approx. 5 %) of our forecast annual consumption in 2021 will now be covered with biogas.

As in previous years, the contracts were awarded by way of a tendering process via the online platform tender365. Five bidders participated actively in the tendering process, enabling us to secure attractive prices. Meanwhile, strict specifications in our terms of delivery ensured that the biogas meets the requirements to be considered carbon-neutral under the EU Emission Trading System for greenhouse gases. The biogas is supplied directly from German biogas balancing groups, i.e. it is physically fed into the NCG market area network.

Having had a successful auction, we consider increasing the share of biogas to up to 10% in future auctions.

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