Network fees valid from 1 January 2020 for the NCG market area published


On 23 May 2019, GRTgaz Deutschland published its network fees for 2020. From 1 January 2020, the fee for firm, freely allocable entry and exit capacities with a term of one year will be € 4.07 (kWh/h) / a in the NetConnect Germany market area.

In contrast to previous years, the network fees applicable from 1 January 2020 will be uniform postage stamp tariffs calculated for the market area in accordance with the Federal Networks Agency’s new REGENT decision. The REGENT decision as well as the MARGIT, BEATE 2.0 and AMELIE decisions by the Federal Network Agency published on 29 March 2019 are designed to implement the requirements of the EU regulation on harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas, the Network Code Tariff (NC TAR), in force since 2017.

The uniform network fee applicable from 2020 for firm, freely allocable transmission capacity calculated in accordance with the REGENT decision is based on the forecast capacity bookings and the pipeline operators’ revenue caps approved by the Federal Network Agency for 2020. The standard fees for capacity bookings at storage facilities and intra-year capacity contracts will be subject to surcharges/discounts. For example, a uniform discount of 75% will apply to capacity bookings at gas storage facilities unless they are used as alternative network interconnection points for cross-border gas transmission. Intra-year capacity bookings will be subject to multipliers applied to the standard fee.

Compared to 2019, this results in approximately 82 % higher fees for entry and exit capacities booked with GRTgaz Deutschland. The adjusted fees are above all based on the market area-wide tariff regime introduced as part of the REGENT decision compared with the tariffs previously applied by individual network operators, as well as on changes in the predicted capacity booking behaviour and permissible revenues (mainly as a result of network investments).

Comment on complaint proceedings against the Federal Network Agency’s REGENT decision:

GRTgaz Deutschland points out that complaints against the REGENT decision are pending before the Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Düsseldorf. Among other things, GRTgaz Deutschland has filed an application for interim relief and for suspension of the calculation of fees in accordance with the REGENT ruling until a decision has been delivered in the main proceedings.

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