Additional Gas Transport Capacity to Switzerland

12.11.2018 Press Release

Additional Gas Transport Capacity to Switzerland

In the coming auction for gas transport capacity, the French TSO GRTgaz will offer additional 30 GWh/day of firm capacity from France to Switzerland. By optimizing the operating conditions at the interconnection point Oltingue, GRTgaz was able to increase the technically available capacity, which will be offered on the auctioning platform PRISMA as from December 2018.

‘We appreciate GRTgaz‘action addressing the supply concerns of Switzerland and Italy in case of a cold spell in the coming winter season’, underlines Nicolas Delaporte, General Manager of the company’s German affiliate GRTgaz Deutschland.

The firm capacity from Germany to Switzerland at the interconnection point Wallbach had been reduced by 50 per cent by the respective TSOs due to technical reasons since September 2017, influencing the security of gas supply for the Southwest of Germany, Switzerland and Italy. On 1 August 2018, reacting to demands by the national regulator, the German TSOs therefore published an addendum to the Network Development Plan 2018 Versorgungssicherheitsvariante auf Basis der gegenwärtigen Einschränkungen der Transportkapazität auf dem TENP-Leitungssystem. In this document, they suggested the now implemented support from France as one of the variants to relieve the gas flow from Germany to Switzerland.

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