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Our newsletter deals with current events, and in future we'll be furnishing you with information and analyses of important developments in gas transmission, as well as a perspective on our German and European network.

Newsletter Issue 04 - october 2016

An overview of the topics in the 4th edition 10/2016:

•    Cover page: " The Security of Supply is guaranteed " – by Albert Kobbe
•    Our network: New compressor station in Rothenstadt
•    GRTgaz Deutschland: Our new home page
•    Mini Tech QUIZ on the European gas market: “Did you know…?”

Newsletter Issue 03 - November 2015

GRTgaz Deutschland supports its customers through the implementation of NC CAM. Best possible customer support with APP 3.0.

Newsletter Issue 02 -  E-world 2015

This issue is a preview of the E-world with a focus on the topics for 2015 and especially the new APP version 2.0 which is now available on the AppStore and Google PlayStore.

What's New in Version 2.0. :
- Hourly updated map of our network with utilization rate, flow direction, VTP prices as well as temperature data at each IP enhanced
- European Day-Ahead EOD & Previous-Day Gas Prices of the major VTPs

Newsletter Issue 01 -  November 2014

An overview of the topics in the first edition 11/2014:

  • Cover page: "A plea for more competition" - Interview with Nicolas Delaporte
  • Our network: "Reverse flow towards Ukraine"
  • GRTgaz Deutschland: „Stable capacity fees for 2015“
  • GRTgaz: „Transition énergétique – Energiewende in French“
  • GRTgaz Deutschland App: „Our offer – Your advantage"
  • Mini Tech QUIZ on the European gas market: “Did you know…?”

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