Customer Portal

GRTgaz Deutschland offers two browser-based portals designed specifically for shippers to enter and review contract related data in the VMS portal as well as nomination related data via the nomination portal.

To register, please contact us

Data Access

Access to data concerning the three cross-border points of GRTgaz Deutschland's pipeline system is gained by clicking on the menu point "Network data".

Note that all data is also published on the ENTSOG website.

For further details on how to retrieve data from our website please follow this guide

Customer Specific View

After registration you will have access to both customer portals.

The VMS portal lets you enter and edit company data, balancing groups and contracts.

The Nomination Portal (NMP) is a browser-based method to submit and review nominations.

In case of failure or revision of your backend system, or if your company does not own a nomination backend system, you can submit nominations via NMP.

Please read our manual for detailed instruction on how to use the portals.