Capacity Products

As an efficient and reliable partner in gas transport, GRTgaz Deutschland plays an innovative role in the development of new capacity products to provide optimised solutions for customers. One example is the new developed product DZK (Dynamically Allocable Capacity). GRTgaz Deutschland offers the following capacity products:

Free Allocable Capacity (FZK)

Free allocable capacities allow firm transports in the whole market area as well as an access to the Virtual Trading Pont of NCG.

Conditionally Firm Freely Allocable Capacity (bFZK)

Conditionally firm freely allocable capacities are, in principle, both firm and freely allocable within the whole market area, and have access to the Virtual Trading Point of NCG. They only become interruptible capacities, if the physical northbound flow into the system of OGE at the stations Rimpar and Gernsheim both exceeds a particular limit, which is defined by OGE, due to the current nominations within the market area, and if the forecast of the average daily temperature for the previous day at the meteorological station at Essen is above Zero degrees Centigrade.

Dynamically Allocable Capacity (DZK)

Dynamically allocable capacities are FZK capacities comprising restrictions of use. DZK are firm capacities, provided they are exclusively used for the purpose of a balanced transport between entry and exit points within the system of GRTgaz Deutschland without the inclusion of the Virtual Trading Point, at which an obligation to nominate exists according to Article 15 GasNZV. The interruptible portion therefore depends on the current nomination or renomination of the shipper. The restriction of use and its utilization are specified in Article 5 and Article 8 of GRTgaz Deutschland's GTB.

Interruptible Capacity

Interruptible capacities allow transports within the whole market area as well as an access to the Virtual Trading Point of NCG on an interruptible basis.

Transformation of bFZK into FZK: GRTgaz Deutschland offers its transport customers, who own conditionally firm freely allocable capacity (bFZK) to transform those capacities into firm freely allocable capacities (FZK)*, if GRTgaz Deutschland receives offers for flow commitments. To achieve those GRTgaz Deutschland calls for offers in a non-discriminatory way and in coordination with the German regulator once a year.
* The transformation is subject to the approval of the flow provision costs by the Federal Network Agency.