Marketing of Capacities

Primary capacities platform PRISMA

Since August 2011 GRTgaz Deutschland markets its firm entry- and exit capacities at market area and cross border interconnection points through a transparent and non-discriminatory auction process on the primary capacity platform TRAC-X. Since January 1st 2013, TRAC-X operates under the new company name PRISMA.

In addition, the booking of interruptible capacities taked place on PRISMA from January 1st 2012, the offer of Day ahead capacities from March 30th 2012. Since November 2015 Within-Day capacity products are offered and interruptible capacities are auctioned.

Additionally interruptible Within-Day capacities are offered via overnomination if the FZK and bFZK capacity is sold out. From May 25th 2017 shippers may place an over-nomination for a balancing group also in the event that no capacities have been included this balancing group.

Capacity booking request in case of downtime of the primary capacity platform or connected systems (backend)

In case of failure of the primary capacity platform or the connected systems for day-ahead or within-day auctions, GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH enables Overnomination as an emergency process for border- and market area interconnection points. The affected network points will be announced in the corresponding Market Message.