Company Profile

GRTgaz Deutschland is a fully-owned subsidiary of the French company GRTgaz SA. As a shareholder of MEGAL GRTgaz Deutschland works as an operator of this pipeline system in Germany.

As an essential link between Eastern and Western Europe, the system operated by GRTgaz Deutschland plays a key role in supplying gas to Southern Germany and France. Through the central position of its network, GRTgaz Deutschland contributes to the diversification of gas supply sources and to increasing the liquidity of the gas market, connecting NCG’s Virtual Trading Point with important European gas trading exchanges such as PEG Nord and Austrian VTP as a result.

We offer and provide our shippers with a non-discriminatory, efficient and fair access to our natural gas transmission network. We attach great importance to tranparency and reliability when handling our natural gas transports. Our efficient pipeline system and our IT-infrastructure are subject to continuous improvement in order to be able to meet our shipper's individual transport requirements. 

Furthermore, GRTgaz Deutschland is a shareholder of NetConnect Germany and PRISMA.

Annual reports for the last financial years are online on the "Bundesanzeiger" website available or in our Download area.