Nomination & Single-Sided Nomination

Nominations (Day-ahead, Intra-Day) i.e. via our customer portal

The term “nomination” refers to a notice on quantities to be transmitted. Nominations are strictly required for any transmissions crossing market areas as well as for cross-border transmissions. The balancing group manager (BGM) notifies GRTgaz Deutschland of the total quantity of gas per shipper code pair at each entry and exit point within the balancing group for each gas day.  

The balancing group manager is required to provide daily nominations by 2:00 pm (14:00) for the following gas day. The balancing group manager may change existing nominations (re-nomination). Re-nominations can be made starting the day before the gas day at 3:00  pm (15:00) and are processed according to the cycles recommended by EaseeGas. It is also possible to submit re-nominations during the current gas business day, which are referred to as Intra-Day-Re-nominations on an hourly basis. They become effective with a lead time of two hours. They take the result of the matching cycle into consideration.

Overnomination without prior inclusion of capacities in the balancing group

As of May 23rd 2017 according to § 8  Annex 2: Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Business of GRTgaz Deutschland shippers may place an over-nomination for a balancing group even if no capacities have been previously included in this balancing group.

Please note that the booking of interruptible within-day capacity through over-nomination is only possible if the firm capacity has been marketed entirely or if only interruptible capacity is offered at the network point.

To use the overnomination mechanism shippers have to be registered with GRTgaz Deutschland and have successfully conducted a communication test with our team.

Single-Sided Nomination (Bundled Nomination)

As of 1 November 2015 GRTgaz Deutschland offers a process to submit bundled nominations (Single Sided Nomination, SSN) according to the BRS (Business Requirement Specifications).

The assignment of roles among the transmission network operators at the individual interconnection points between market areas and cross-border points is currently discussed. The current state of roles is shown in the table below:

The shipper must always transmit the bundled nomination to the active TSO. The shipper on the side of the passive TSO must provide a corresponding authorization before. Please find the form (“Joint Nomination Declaration Notice“) for authorization of a Shipper Code at GRTgaz Deutschland as passive transmission system operator here: Single Sided Nomination Authorisation Form. Please fax the completed form to our Dispatching team. We will process the authorization request within 2 working days. After review and approval we will send out a written confirmation.