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30.01.2018 Pressemitteilung

Launch of appygas – gas market made easy by GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH

Berlin 30.01.2018. GRTgaz Deutschland announces the upcoming launch of appygas – an information service for gas professionals - at E-world in Essen, Germany, on February 6th, 2018. appygas is a portal that provides its users with all relevant European gas market data such as gas flows, hub and transport prices, or maintenance schedules, in one convenient place, making the gas market easy to understand. Customers can access the service using a web browser or a smartphone app that is available on iOS and Android.

appygas builds on the success of the “GRTgaz Deutschland App” which was launched in 2014 and is now widely used in the community of gas professionals. appygas extends the scope to the Western European market areas, covering in its current version Peg Nord, TRS, Spain, UK, BeLux, NCG and TTF (with more market areas to be covered in the near future). In addition to pipe information, users are provided with similar data for storages and LNG terminals. It features the same thoroughly collected and beautifully visualized data (i.e. commercial flows, usage rate and network imbalance) in near real-time as well as new tools such as a route calculator. This tool helps gas traders and shippers do their job more efficiently by helping them identify trading opportunities and enabling them to react more swiftly.

“The gas market is constantly evolving, which is making it even more important for professionals to stay informed at all times”, says Maryline Ehlermann, who developed the service with her team. “With our TSO experience, we felt it was essential to put ourselves in the role of traders and shippers in order to better address their needs.”

“With appygas we have made quick grasping of near real-time data easy and the result is, not surprisingly, work that is more effective and efficient”, says Corentine Piette, who used her former trading experience to lead the product development.

Intuitive usability as the central design criterion includes clearly structured menus and icons as well as information displayed in the same physical units, making comparisons easier. Feedback from the first customers has been overwhelmingly positive, as the service is instantaneously usable and easy to understand. And there are plans to further develop, expand and continuously moving forward.

To benefit from appygas, customers can register at as of Feb 6th,2018, or download the app from the iOS App Store or on Google Play.

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