Activated network points

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Email Alerts for Overnomination

Hourly updates on the activation of overnomination enabling customers to acquire interruptible WD capacities and push notification

If desired, as soon as overnomination for interruptible capacities is possible, push email notifications are sent to you during the gas day.


You may register for this service here. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Primary Capacity Platform PRISMA

GRTgaz Deutschland markets is firm and interruptible entry and exit capacities at market area and cross-border interconnection points via a transparent and non-discriminatory auction process on the platform primary capacity platform PRISMA. 

Booking of interruptible WD & DA capacity

Additionally, interruptible within-day and day-ahead capacities may be booked through a process of overnomination. The booking of interruptible within-day capacities is only possible through overnomination, if firm capacities are sold out or if only interruptible capacities are available for trading.

In addition, shippers can submit a nomination for a balancing group even if no capacities have been included there before.

Emergency Process for Capacity Booking Requests

In the case of technical issues with PRISMA or its connected systems, GRTgaz Deutschland offers overnomination as an emergency process for trading daily products or within-day and day-ahead auctions at the border and market area crossing points.

Network points that have been activated for overnomination may be found in the above widget.




Key Account Management



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In accordance with the KASPAR determination (BK7-18-052), GRTD determines at 13:00 on the previous day (D-1) to what extent the temperature condition is fulfilled, i.e. whether the bFZK offered at an entry/exit point is fixed or interruptible.

The relevant reference temperature is based on data from the DTN weather service used by Open Grid Europe GmbH.


Capacity Products

As an efficient and reliable partner in gas transport, GRTgaz Deutschland plays an innovative role in the development of new capacity products as optimised solutions for the customer. One example of this is the product DZK (Dynamically Allocable Capacity).

Please view our Product Data Sheet for more information on our products.

GRTgaz Deutschland offers the following capacity products:

Freely allocable capacity (FZK)

Enables network usage from the booked entry point to the VTP of the market area (THE) or from the VTP to the booked exit point.

Conditionally firm freely allocable capacity (bFZK)

Conditional firm freely allocable capacities are in principle firm as well as freely allocable in the entire market area and have access to the VTP of the market area (THE). The network usage on a firm basis is dependent on a predefined temperature condition. If the previous day's forecast for the daily mean temperature at the Essen weather station is greater than zero degrees Celsius, the bFZK is interruptible.

Dynamically allocable capacity (DZK / DZK1)

a)      Contracts regarding physical interconnection points

Dynamically allocable capacities (DZK) are firm capacities whose free allocation is subject to usage restrictions. DZK are firm capacities if they are used without the virtual trading point and exclusively for the purpose of carrying out a balanced transport between entry and exit points within the GRTgaz Deutschland system that are subject to the nomination obligation set out in sec. 15 GasNZV. The interruptible share thus depends on the shipper’s current nomination or renomination. The usage restrictions and their application are specified in STC sec. 3 and 5.

b)      Contracts regarding virtual interconnection points

Dynamically allocable capacities (DZK) are firm capacities whose free allocation is subject to usage restrictions. If usage is restricted under STC sec. 3 (2), DZK will be firm only to the extent that they are, without use of the Virtual Trading Point,

  • used exclusively to carry out a balanced transport between predetermined entry and exit points that are subject to a nomination obligation (market area interconnection points, cross-border interconnection points and storage facilities) or
  • on exit points which do not have to be nominated, the predetermined associated entry point or entry points were nominated with at least the same value as the measured allocation on this exit point.

Point combinations (routes) offered at VIPs for transit:

    • Entry VIP Waidhaus or Entry VIP Oberkappel to Exit VIP France-Germany
    • Entry VIP Waidhaus to Exit VIP Oberkappel
In case of renomination restriction, the reverse combinations will also be offered:
    • Entry VIP France- Germany to Exit VIP Waidhaus or Exit VIP Oberkappel
    • Entry VIP Oberkappel to Exit VIP Waidhaus

Downloadable documents:

  • Possible DZK route allocations, valid from 01.10.2021 (xlsx-document
  • Product news for the yearly auction at 07.06.2021 (pdf-document)

Interruptible capacity (uFZK)

Interruptible capacities allow transport within the whole market area as well as an access to the Virtual Trading Point of THE on an interruptible basis.


Specifically designed for our customers

VMS Portal

The VMS Portal allows our customers to enter and edit company data, balancing groups and contracts.

NMP Portal

The  Nomination Portal  (NMP) may be used to submit and review nominations in case of failure or revision of your backend system, or if your company does not own a nomination backend system.

To register, contact: Smile@grtgaz-deutschland.de


Communication test with the counterparties

Before starting the transmission, a communication test with the balancing group manager (BGM) is performed in order to check the communication channels between GRTgaz Deutschland and the BGM. The shipper is required to contact the following email address in order to perform the communication test:


Implementation of protocol AS4

In response to the network code Interoperability and Data Exchange, the European Transmission System Operators and their counterparties who communicate electronically shall use a Europe-wide harmonized protocol (AS4) and harmonized formats (Edig@s-XML) in their communication for any document-based data exchange.


Prices for transport as of 1st of January 2022

Prices for firm capacity

The prices in €/(kWh/h)/a for all entry and exit points are listed below:


Regulated fees Daily fees
in €/(kWh/h)/d
Annual fees
in €/(kWh/h)/a
Freely allocable capacities (FZK) 0.009616 3.51
Conditionally firm freely allocable capacities (bFZK) 0.008655 3.16
Dynamically allocable capacities (DZK) 0.007693 2.81
Freely allocable capacities (FZK) 0.009616 3.51
Dynamically allocable capacities (DZK) 0.007693 2.81





Price Sheet § 23 Para. 3 Sentence 2 EnWG

Digitally legible documentation of price list publication THE

Tariff Calculator

GTCs and Price Sheets

Prices for Interruptible Capacity

Pursuant to Art. 14, 15 NC TAR, the Bundesnetzagentur has, in its decision Az. BK9-19/612 (“MARGIT 2021”) determined the discounts for interruptible capacities at interconnection points. The methodology for the calculation of these discounts is described in chapter 5 of the MARGIT decision. For entry and exit points of GRTgaz Deutschland, it results in the following discounts:


Regulated Fees Discount for FZK Daily Fees
in €/(kWh/h)/d (indicative)
Annual Fees in €/(kWh/h)/a
VIP France Germany Entry      
Annually 20% 0.008329 3.04
Quarterly 20% 0.008329 3.04
Monthly 20% 0.008329 3.04
Daily 20% 0.008329 3.04
Within-Day 20% 0.008329 3.04
VIP France Germany Exit      
Annually 20% 0.008329 3.04
Quarterly 20% 0.008329 3.04
Monthly 20% 0.008329 3.04
Daily 21% 0.008224 3.00
Within-Day 21% 0.008224 3.00


Application of multipliers for non-yearly capacity products 

The BNetzA’s MARGIT decision provides that, in converting yearly standard capacity products into non-yearly standard capacity products (‚non-yearly products‘), a multiplier is to be applied at all interconnection points.

The fee for non-yearly products is calculated by dividing the relevant annual fee by 365 and then multiplying it with the duration of the respective product (in days) and the relevant multiplier to be identified as follows:


Product Multiplier
Within-day 2
Daily (duration 1-27 days) 1.4
Monthly (duration 28-89 days) 1.25
Quarterly (duration 90-365 days)  1.1

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